Malaysia IT Spending Prospect 2006 - v8

The bullshitting Bull ...

Thus, we had during the v7 observed that...

The picture is pretty gloomy for local entrepreneur given the fact that market is not that pumped up for excitement planned for 9th Malaysian Plan.

The bull is not coming back yet... share prices continue to end lower with Monday trading... closing at 925.51. According to Bernama, this is due to market capitalists' hope of having the central bank to raise the interest rates in order to curb inflation. Nevertheless, central bank didn't hit the bulldozer, and interest rates is kept at the same level.

All these seems like market players are not earning much market since recent good performances as indicated in the previous prospect analysis. It is very obvious that they have had their hand burnt and are playing the safe game now.

We are outsourcing..

On the other development, MDeC is gaining momentum by declaring a vision for IT malaysia; to become competitive market leader in outsourcing for certain vertical industries. This will definitely paint a brighter outlook towards Malaysia which is not R & D centric, will create a lot of jobs and opportunities for local entrepreneurs. However, it provides no indication about spending power in the local scene.

The Blue Ocean Strategy ...

Perhaps, instead of focusing on all the bad news such as the following...
1. MAS Malaysia to cut work force.
2. Correction or something wrong..
3. Competition affecting Digi's profit.
4. etc

We should instead focusing on where the money is...
1. Rubber price in Malaysia nears 20 years high.
2. Palm oil council to setup RM 20 million fund for conservation.
3. Economy to stay robust..

Are we seeing the disneyland yet ?


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