Malaysia IT Spending Prospect 2006 - v9

Malaysia doesn't look so good last few weeks. Our previous discussion was v8.

First of all, the bull hasn't returned. KLSE leveled at 929.24 at mid-day trading.1.51 points lower than previous high.

Government and MSC has been busy to improve FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) with recent efforts...

1. MDeC is looking at outsourcing as the answer
2. Malaysia to lure more FDI
3. International collaboration
4. etc

The latest FDI potential came from Intel who plans to further invest in Malaysia on top of its $3 billion investment so far.

Political Stability to Determine Smooth Flow of FDI:

The latest political issues involving Malaysia is the sentimental build-up of the proposal to setup an Independent Police Complains and Misconduct Commissions (IPCMC) by the government.

Such proposal received painful feedbacks from the Royal Malaysia Police; with threats by the police force to vote against the goverment and let crimes happen.

This is a serious issue and it will shake national security by any standard. KKDN (Domestic Affair Ministry) has to act tough now. The people of Malaysia would definitely not interested to let its peaceful harmony to be threatened by the gatekeeper.

Very annoying!


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