MSC Malaysia created IMPACT

MSC Malaysia unveiled its invention at the 15th WCIT (World IT Congress) in Texas, it is called IMPACT (International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Terrorism).

"It will serve as a pioneer platform to allow governments of the world to exchange notes and ideas, as well as to facilitate the sharing of skills and best practices, with the ultimate objective of combating these constantly evolving threats."

On the other hand, the prime minister of Malaysia performed several high level marketing job for Malaysia's IT sector, including one of persuading Dell to setup more facilities in Penang area.

US computer giant Dell Inc plans to set up a technology and development centre in Cyberjaya that will involve high value-added activities, including process design and software development.
Looks like MSC Malaysia is off to a good start and the PM did a good job.


barramundi said…
Yo Brandon!
Sorry if this is off-topic..
Have you dwell into location-based advertisements before?
Things like how they get the location of the user, other than just IP address.
maybe additional information like timezone, etc.. via javascript or alike methods.
Brandon Teoh said…

I never try yet.

But I heard there is a listing on international-IP-mapping provided.

so you couldn't find it too ?

that is interesting.

Those working in the ISP line should know more about it.
Brandon Teoh said…
Maybe you can try this...
barramundi said…
yea, after some research, as u said, it seems to be a service provided by some parties with the database storing the mapping.
There's also a web service for it listed at .
I guess this feature is very IP dependant at the moment.