Digi in dog shits

Ever since the ignition of 3G extraganza since march 2005, where Malaysian mobile lifestyle is about to move into a new phrase with promises of never ending funs and excitements. I have been waiting, we all have been waiting for the day to come. The feeling is quite comparable to the wait for year 2020, when Malaysia will become a developed nation. Just imagine what would happen when you wake up in Jan 1, 2020 morning, are you expecting a different breathe of air ?

Then dog shits happened, just as forest gump said that shits happen.

We had earlier realized that 3G is not an option for telco, it is a must. It is part of the milestones and part of the game. yup... i know we have heard of opinions from many parties, though we will never find what which theory holds the most credibility, we can be quite sure that the game of telco is a big one... and since they already have big liabilities and also big earning at the same time, what is the cost of 3G implementation matter anyway ?

Digi is reported to have liabilities of RM 300 million in borrowing and recent net income of RM 187 million.

During May 2005, they seem to have ran out of ideas. Just keeping its fans' hopes afloat with sheer market excitement.

Digi's CEO

Now, the empire strikes back...

They will never never ever bow to dogs' pressures. They are in talk with companies to explore other possibilities of beaming videos and multimedia stuffs over existing airwaves.

Now let's just see how MiTV and Time dot com are going to cope with new licenses (3G) given to them, do they already have a plan ? Seems pretty dead aren't they.

Where Malaysia is all about Dr. M, Uncle Lah (and here too) , Proton, Petrol prices, TNB's earning and the bullshiting bull.

and you know why ? because of the mindset. So much so for the dogs eat dogs society.