Have salesmen gone by the days ?

I did realize that there are certain things in this world is a waste of time, but still people are doing it because you probably think that you might have 50:50 chance.

For instance, trying to promote something using friendster's shootout.

Selling something via spam mail...

I like to think that nobody will even care to look at these promotional messages, because they know that you are selling something already..

At the same time, should people wanted to buy similar things, they would check out with search engines first.. and if offering from search results are cheap and affordable, the sales would go through definitely.

Salesmen would probably needed when more consulting roles are required. For instance, when informations provided by search engines are vague, incomprehendable, doubtful or too complex to be absorbed. Therefore, it is a good idea to build a large corporate website, try to put in as much things as possible. Confuse customers so that they will get back to the consultants.


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