IT Spending Prospect 2006 - v10

Since our latest analysis on IT spending prospect - v9 where we have been awared that MSC is banking on grooming Malaysia's tech sectors into billion dollars global outsourcing center. Besides that, government of Malaysia continues to pursue better relationship with foreign counterparts to secure continuous FDI into the country's tech sectors.

Solid Growth:

Since saturday, the director of central bank (Bank Negara Governor), Tan Sri Dr. Zeti declared that the country economy is headed towards solid growth with where the country benefited from both favourable external environment and strong domestic demand. This strong and convincing statement sent the share market up by 2.30 points by mid-day trading at 12:15 pm, with the composite index higher at 917.70 than the low-boundary of 916.00

Billions of Losses:

In the other development... MSC direction is gaining stronger momentum where under previous leadership, MSC and Malaysia is said to have suffered losses up to billions of ringgit malaysia when red tapes prevented the country from benefiting in head-start global outsourcing setup.

According to the report, the country was chosen by global outsourcing leader Infosys(India) as strategic partner for the setup of a global outsourcing and data recovery center in the country, and the proposal was not given its due respect and hence didn't reap any fruits. Analysts know that this country was headed by a respectful leader during the Y2K period. For more reference, please check out with political experts; here and here.

It took so many of us(including theStar) 6 years to come up with the numbers.