IT Spending Prospect 2006 - v11

Too early of a recession since 1997 ?

The KLCI dipped below 900 mark at mid-day trading ... closing at 896.95.

This is quite dissappointing to many because just at the end of April 2006, the prospect seemed too good. Back then, we were just keeping the finger crossed, right now we are just totally tight-lip.

This is definitely going to have some profound effects on IT spending in Malaysia by 2006. And if any one has any idea of mitigating this "rising cost" ...

- opportunities cost
- risk cost
- future cost
- etc

You may find your luck from the following...

here, 917.23 & going down
here, 916.12 & going down
here, 912.24 & going down
here, 908.35 & going down
here, 905.76 & going down
here, 900.88 & going down
here, 896.95 & going down

I am totally tight-lip, leave it to the veteran!

Are we still solid ?