Knowing the numbers

Mobile Money Development in Malaysia:

Mobile Money is finally backed....

They are hoping to sign up 1 milion users by year-end.

The key to this is that this is not an easy task either... it took them probably 9 months and they are still trying to achieve this target. Mobile Money gained public attention when it finally made public appearence during September, 2005. Ever since then, they have been redefining its corporate directions and marketing strategies. It is reported that they spent up to RM 5 million the R & D.

Mobile Money International is a spinned-off from Redtone and is funded by Robert Kuok's group; richest man in Malaysia.

MSN Local Partner:

Innity Sdn Bhd. had been taken over by Media 2.

They are targeting the 10 million Internet users in Malaysia where alone has 2.4 million users monthly. Hotmail messenger has over 35 million messages transacted everyday.