Lacking Synergy

The Star recently published an article about FPX (Financial Process Exchange); an e-payment initiative by Mobile88 and other local banks such as Bank Islam.

Actually the real story is not quite that. FPX is operated by FPX Payment Gateway Sdn Bhd, which is a subsidiary company of Malaysian Electronic Payment System Sdn Bhd (MEPS). Mobile88 is just a merchant.

This is an initiative quite similar to Mobile Money which seems to have not taken-off the runway in a good manner. The following are previous entries about Mobile Money, who are financially supported by Robert Kuok's group of companies.

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Lacking Synergy between Mobile88 and The Star

Immediately after reading the article from TheStar, I clicked on to web site of Mobile88 and was anxiously looking for more information about FPX. However, much to my dismay, there is no a single spark of excitement there. It was focusing on the LG's Chocolate phone.

This is quite similar to the problem of having bad inbound logistic to your web sites where marketing messages are not delivered well for maximum effects. Unless it is intended for, otherwise the news published by TheStar is just another pass-by-day news.