liewcf is facing problem ..

Champion blogger liewcf complained that his blog liewcf had been "sabotaged". According to him, his daily traffic is currently under 2000 k. This is quite suddenly and it seemed that he is right about the case with respect to Google.

I remembered not long ago... liewcf was no.1 for search term "tech blog malaysia" under Google. Now it is not even in top 30. While searching with "tech blog" guaranteed that liewcf was top 10, now it is not in top 30 either.

Anyway, his listing under Yahoo and MSN is still good for him, both favouring as the no.1 blog for "tech blog malaysia".

Thus, what could have happened to ? Could it because of other sabotage ?

Currently, it-sideways is no.1 for the term "tech blog malaysia" in Google.

Then I remember that it-sideways used to be the no.1 listing under MSN for the search term "tech blog", but now it seems like nowhere to be found. Exactly the opposite effects.

Therefore, similar thing could have been happened to liewcf where search engines deliberately clean up old data to make way for new ones. They want to be perceived as political correct. Therefore, is this a real risk for content providers ?

It is obvous that Google are bound to pressure on this issue (to be fair for eveyone) and I noticed that Google had been creating services such as co-op, Google Sitemap and etc to make things right; make sure that the righteous information are being propagated well.


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