Mitigating Rising Cost

Perhaps it is best to groom MSC into a global outsourcing center specializing in certain vertical industries. I have gotten to this enlightenment following reading Petronas' strategy to mitigate rising cost in their business. The answer is to have long term contracts, be relevant to the equation for long enough that you are part of the cost factors or at least you know when the cost is coming up or down.

Therefore, ever since the rebranding exercise of MSC Malaysia, I believed that they have to be cost conscious and responsible to tax payers' money. It is already 10 years since establishment and MSC Malaysia is not a new comer anymore.

It is understood to assume that playing the global outsourcing game will gives MSC Malaysia a far ahead life-time in the business of ICT. Not only that, we have to make sure that we are able to secure long-term contracts, this is probably the reason Deputy PM had visited India to help boost high-level marketing for the country. Similar efforts have also been carried out by the PM of Malaysia not long ago. These are common practice.

We cannot rely solely on the local market (Malaysia) because it is simply too small of a pie to be shared by so many entrepreneurs in the country. Let alone the fact that the big boys are hungry as well...

1. Sapura
2. Kompakar
3. Hitech Padu
4. CSA
5. Mesiniaga
6. Formis

what is there left for others if everybody are just hoping to secure some government projects ? and at the same time dare not challenge Google and etc.