Spammed by

My email was spammed by spamcop in the most creative way...

first of all, they created a spider to determine my personal email address via the domain name

The spider traversed through the pages and into multi-level until it finds something that fit. For my case, it look for ...

Contributor --> Brandon Teoh --> Profile --> Email

The following screen capture gives you an illustration..

The message was...

The full message goes like this..

We have received your message, which is why you are receiving this
automated message. You will receive this message at most once a week.

The SaintMail Abuse Desk has received your mail. All abuse reports will
be looked into, however, not all mail can be answered personally.
SaintMail takes the misuse of email very seriously and will do as much as we
can to respond appropriately to all abuse reports. You must report spam
within 2 days of receipt.

If you are sending an email message reporting spam with the Return
Address of or, please be
advised that we know of the problem. A spammer is faking the return
address in their messages. Not much we can do about it.

The spam is not coming from our network.

We HIGHLY recommend that you use SpamCop at to
identify the source of the spam and complain to the proper people.
SpamCop is a Free service. We have no affiliation with SpamCop.

Your help is greatly appreciated since this spammer has caused us
serious problems and has incurred us a great deal in costs in dealing with
his spam.

We are currently getting thousands of complaints concerning this spam
per hour causing a tremendous load on our servers and staff.

Please visit the below webpages that can help you in the fight against

If you still have the spam in your mailbox PLEASE send us a copy of the
spam with FULL HEADERS included, this will help us track down the
person sending these messages so that we can take legal action.

If you are an SaintMail customer and this is a report of spam but you
did not
include headers with it, please resend the message with all headers.
Instructions for including headers for most email programs are listed



Click on the "View" menu, then "Page Source," then copy the contents of
window (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C in Microsoft Windows) (Command/Apple "A",
Command/Apple "C" in MacOS).

Older versions: Click on the "View" menu, then "Headers," then "All."




With the keyboard:
1.CTRL-F3 (Message Source Window)
2.CTRL-A (select all)
3.CTRL-C (copy)
4.ALT-F4 (close)
5.Paste the message with Headers to

With the mouse:
1.Click on the spam message
2.Click on the "File" menu
3.Click on "Properties"
4.Click on the "Details" tab
5.Click on "Message Source"
6.Copy and paste everything from this window
7.Paste the message with Headers to

Outlook 98

1.Open the message.
2.Under the View menu select Options
3.Copy the text in the Internet Headers window
(unfortunately it doesn't include the message itself).
4.Paste into the Headers into an email to
5.Close the options window
6.Copy the message text.
7.Paste the Message into the email to
8.Make sure to leave a blank line between the headers and
the message body.



Click on the button labeled "blah blah blah" in your toolbar.

If there isn't a "BLAH BLAH BLAH..." icon in the upper-left of the
window then you're probably using an early version of Eudora for the
Click on "special," "settings;" or if settings isn't listed here, click
"tools" and then "options". From the icons listed on the left hand side
the dialogue box, click on "fonts and display," then check "Show all
(even the ugly ones)"

Copy and Paste into a message to



If the feature is enabled, you simply press "H" to toggle full headers.

If the feature is not enabled, you must enable it first: From the main
press (S)etup, (C)onfig. Scroll down about 40 lines to the option

Press [ENTER]. Press (E)xit, (Y)es - to save. Then you can
return to the message window and use "H" to display the headers.

Press (F) to forward the message, click (N) when asked "Forward message
as an attachment?"

Send message to

Even though it is annoying but it is fun to see what they are capable and I appreciate their skills.