web venture insights...

Previously we talked about creating successful web venture...

You will appreciate this when I become famous one day..

Anyway, to live the spirit of blogging and IT-Sideways... I will keep providing you with my insights into the ICT happening around me..

Recently blogexplosion (blog aggregator) is put up sales... and they created a portal to faciliate with the sales. I must tell you that initially it looked like annoying.. who cares.. but to those web entrepreneur wannabes... you better take time to read up everything because it provides a lot of insights into running a web venture.

From there, one may appreciate that running a web venture isn't all that savvy and it requires a lot of courage, energy and strategies.

For instance, the followings are some information about blogexplosion.

URL: http://www.blogexplosion.com
Age of site (months): 24
Monthly revenue: $4,000
Revenue details: See below for details.
Monthly page views: 8,500,000
Traffic details: See below for details.

Traffic details:
- 2.1 million weekly pageviews
- 235,000 pageviews daily
- 9 pageviews per visitor
- 50,000 unique visitors per week

Please note these traffic numbers are for BlogExplosion only and does not include BlogCharm, HelpMeBlog or any other sites included in this sale.

Members : 52,000
Average Uniques per week - 50,000
Alexa Rating – 5200
Google Page Ranking – 5

Also download the sales fact sheet to learn about other insights... such as what sort of servers do they used and how the make the monthly revenues.


So much effort just to earn $4k monthly... it is not making money. Look at their strategies of owning so much web domains..

But I don't think linkedin and friendster are up for anything better, even though prospects are always bright. Anyway, I could be wrong.

But I think friendster is definitely going to be introducing auction and ete, to capitalize e-commerce and its large users base.