why big guns aim small fish ?

Malaysia SME Facts:

There are 349, 617 registered SME in malaysia...

HP, Intel and SAP collaboration:

These 3 big guns team up to target SME market.

Microsoft also wanted to play similar game by launching Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains).

SAP Revenue Growth:

SAP to grow $40 billion from $30 billion(revenue) to $70 billion via SME sales.

On the other development...

Malaysia pledges with ample budget:

RM 200 billions has be pledged for development projects under the 9th Malaysia plan, now it is reconfirmed by the prime minister.

So, what's doubting it ?

Let the other experts figure it out.

Corporate Strategies:

All these are very obvious that it is part of corporate strategies, part of their milestones. It is inevitable that in order to be relevant in the game, you got to keep up with competitors. And it is a good idea too because everybody is counting on the hope that competitors are right. Meaning... SAP thinks that Microsoft is accurate about doing the right thing with SME while Microsoft thinks vice versa.

Other corporate strategies are...

  1. Distribution
  2. Access to capital
  3. Brand equity
  4. Customers relationships
  5. Great employees