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Red Alert !!!
Attention to all FIFA World Cup Lovers and Punters

We have the Ultimate Match Forecasting System for you.

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Our e-Book, FIFA World Cup: The Ultimate I Ching Flying Stars Forecasting System is written by Master Chee Wen and Master Chow Fong of the I Ching My Life fame... Both these Masters are expert in their fields of I Ching and Chinese Astrology.

They have painfully devised a system for World Cup prediction and if you have not purchased the book yet, is showing an astounding accuracy in their prediction.

They were 100% correct in their prediction in the first day of World Cup competitions. You may say that it is easy to predict victory for The German and England BUT the most amazing prediction came when they predicted a draw between Sweden and Trinidad. Now this is something!

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About their system, it is suffice to say that the system is based on I Ching and Chinese Astrology principles. In devising the system, The Masters have taken into consideration of their world ranking in FIFA, their respective geographic location in the world, the year, month and day Lu Shu Flying Stars and Finally the interactions of all these mysterious stars.

The book is designed for easy reading and you do not need to have I Ching knowledge to understand.

The system is in a simple point format and it is both easy and fun to use.

If you are a punter, check it out before it is too LATE1


Anonymous said…
I'm wondering how these predictions are going? Did they project Italy to beat Germany? I'm not that big of a fan of the WC, but I do find this very interesting. I'd like to see an update on this.
Brandon Teoh said…
honestly i haven't try it out..