can you find nutch ?

can you actually find out what is nutch ? not according to

I discovered this search engine via the feedburner subscribers' report as follow..

Nutch is an open source search engine... and it is Java based. well, of course, it has to be Java based because in my opinion, they are going to give Google a hard time. That is good, this is what they called the zero-sum theory.

Java won't die ..

Some claim that Java will one day die off.. but if you look at the industry in a big picture, it will never unless Microsoft acquired all major competitors like Apple, Oracle, Google, Yahoo, SAP and etc. One has to understand this... in order for Google to become Microsoft main competitor... they have to be anti-microsoft... this is to say that they CANNOT make use of Microsoft technology such as Windows OS, Microsoft Dev. Studio and etc. Otherwise, if Google is built using C++ .NET, then eventually Google is still Microsoft. They also try not use Borland or others... however frankly speaking, I have no idea what technology Google is made of, other than Linux and C programming. I know Google Earth is based on Java...

Zero-sum theory states that the world is the boundary where in order for someone to become rich, a few others have to be poorer.

I think challenging world top industrial players like Google, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and etc is an ambitious yet prestigious job. It is worth doing.. there is no point challenging IT-Sideways literally because IT-Sideways don't make big money.

With proliferation of netpreneur or web 2.0 entrepreneur, it is hard to create a profitably niche which would remain profitable for 10 years down the road. I would suggest and strongly feel that it is a better option to challenge the big boys so that we get to profit share their current wealth.

I feel excited about the possibility of someone from nowhere, leverage on open source technology to give Google, Yahoo and others a big time.


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i ever get this article before. Are you copy paste this article from other site?
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Google technology is based on Python.
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