Corporate Blogging to Take Momentum

Following the lead-up from Jeff Ooi, where BT (British Telecom) will consider blog as a channel for marketing...

"Corporate blogging can be a marketing tool, a new approach to collaborative working or simply a way to free computer resources." Original link

Sun Microsystem CEO and former COO is renowed for his blogs which evangelize about computer and technologies. Check out Jonathan's blog.

The other corporate blogger is Scobleizer blog, which is essentially a corporate blog for Microsoft. But I don't think it is that popular.

The most prominent corporate blog is in fact Google's blog where in 2005 alone, it accumulated 4.3 million unique visitors and 8.7 million pageviews in just 6 months.

MSC Malaysia earned praises for aggressively innovating its corporate web site.. however, they have to keep innovating to keep visitors coming back.

Pretty soon, I wouldn't doubt that blogging would be a requirement for getting marketing, public relation and sales jobs.

Happening/ Changes in Malaysia:

One of the thing which motivated this writing is that the blogging culture could totally transformed the way business is being conducted.

Asian economy has been on roller coaster ever since 1997.... In fact we are not sure if we recovered or so..

The Asian market is so vulnerable to crude oil prices which shot up to USD 80 per barrel last week and immediately the next monday, all financial markets took a beating.

In fact, people are already traveling less for leisure and businesses related to transportation, logistic and etc took a deep slump.

Personally, I myself already restrain from pumping more petrol and hence travel less. I keep my travelling to a close distance around my house and conduct lesser social meetings.

This is serious issue and it is affecting the economy of Malaysia.

Malaysia ICT Prospect 2006

During our last discussion about ICT prospect 2006 for Malaysia; v12 where the picture was gloomy over previous weeks. The only excitement around was probably with Green Packet (which is reported to worth RM 1 billion) and MCMC MyICMS 886.

Good Opportunity:

This is perhaps a good opportunity for the emerging 3G market as well as interactive communications within the Internet. However, how many companies outside are able to adapt so fast and furious enough that the right market capitalization is captured before it is drifted away?

Too fast, too furious.


Anonymous said…
Yes I do think cooperate blogging is good for marketing and PR, who knows may be there will be an opening for a positions in some big cooperation as a "blogger". Can you imagine your business card says "blogger"? hehe
Brandon Teoh said…
That will be fun and great.

Salute to the pioneering bloggers in Malaysia and around the world.

I think it will happen one day.