Font Arial Doesn't Support Style Regular

If you ever got this message while running your application under Windows 2000 or Windows XP, don't panic, it happens.

The real reason is unknown, some forums said that it is due to corruption of Arial.ttf file. However, in fact it is more likely due to corruption of Windows with respect to Arial font. Under my observation, Windows mistakenly pointed to the wrong font. For instance, if you selected the font Arial-Regular, it will be pointed to Arial-Bold. This is the reason why when applications are looking for Arial-Regular, it finds that your system is pointing to Arial-Bold or others. In fact, if it is pointed to Arial-Italic, you wouldn't be able to delete the font file from the font folder under Control Panel.

ok, what you need to do is this...

Go to the Internet to download all files for Arial font such as Arial-Regular, Arial-Bold, Arial-Italic, Arial-Narrow and etc.

If you are using Windows 2000, restart and go into "Safe Mode".

Then, go to the font folder under "Control Panel" and delete all fonts related to Arial.

Copy and paste the downloaded Arial font files back to the font folder under "Control Panel".

Restart the PC and it will work just fine. At least it worked for me.


Insideweb said…
excelent I did it

.. by the way my HP director doesn´t
work.. one more problem

Thanks again
Teresa Florentino
Rokhi said…
Thanks. Great advice!

I got the font from It's an auto installer, so no need for restarting the PC after the update.