KLSE and the long tail..

When is KLSE going to adopt the long tail economics ? ? ?

The Long Tail economy states that ...

There is no more movie star... everybody can be a star.. No more blockbusters... no more zero sales... everybody, every products will get it fair chances. Even though the best still get the most sales but there is no more total monopoly, no more Elvis Presley, Micheal Jackson or Diana Ross. You will have Simple Plan, Hoobastank, Mandy Moore, Avril Lavigne and etc.

Basically... if you check out the sales report... every products in the inventory would have recorded certain sales volume. Even the 100,000th and 200,000th product, there will still be sales. According to statistic, the distribution cost is known as "long tail distribution", because the tail of the curve is very long relative to the head.

It is about the theory of abundance, where when the bottlenecks that stand between supply and demand in our culture start to disappear and everything becomes available to everyone.

Check out the following book..

KLSE and stock trading problems...

It is very obvious that investments are driven by news..

For instance... in the news article stability and turmoil in the market focuses on Iris as big loser while IJM Corp Berhad as big winner. Now, these news are targeting fund managers because individual stock activities wouldn't quite cause significant impact.

Even if we study the news article about Bukit Katil in search for white knights... where it is actually doing marketing. Because details about Bukit Katil is not given and how can someone possibly wanted to become the white knight? It is obvious that news like this is going to drive certain stock trading...


TheEdgeDaily and TheStar is influenced by some major stock traders... therefore foreplay is suspected.

The Long Tail economy can present a much fairer game for investors. Because fund managers must not only be influenced by blockbusters as TheEdgeDaily and TheStar, however, they should also be thinking about "everything else" such as: