Malaysia IT Spending Prospect 2006 - v12

Continuation from our previous version v11 and v10

This blogging job intents to look for indicators which might lead up to good predictions of IT spending prospect for Malaysia in year 2006.

China ex-president once asked Bill Gates why didn't Microsoft sell all the shares ? Bill Gates said "The company didn't have that many shares, plus that would be viewed as not having confidence in the company." The conversation follows ...

"I guess I understand. This whole thing is not very rational."

"You know, Mr. Jiang, you are a real capitalist!"

Recently in Malaysia, I suddenly noticed something...

1. Compugates MD sells 1m shares.
2. Willowglen ED disposes of 14.6m shares
3. Green Packet MD places out 2m shares

This probably indicates five possibilities...

1. These so called entrepreneurs probably been waiting for years to accumulate personal windfall.They knew that the highest point would be 980 and lowest was 886.5, thus any movement would clearly indicate going up or down.

2. They are facing rising cost, they need to cash out to fund the operation costs.

3. They managed to secure a few big projects from 9th Malaysian Plan, thus would like to cash out to cater for projects' operation cost.

4. There is nothing in it for 9th Malaysian Plan, they have started to lose faith in I.T and would like to cash out to prepare for retirement.

5. Awarded for projects for 9th Malaysian Plan, however due to certain calculated risks, would like to cash out to prepare for worst case scenario.

6. They are the real capitalists!

On the other development, local financial experts don't see much from the ICT sector, putting more priority over construction and infrastructure projects.