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I was reading the news from TheStar about NGT Solutions ; provide of Managed Content Transcoding Services which allows mobile content providers automatically adjust contents to fit receiving devices. I also found the story about this company called MobileMonday. Of course the first thing when you visit its web site.. you would notice that "hey .. it is a blog!"

Anyway.. what MobileMonday does is something like evangelist.. and it is open community where it allows anyone to share anything onto its community of users. For instance, if you have a product launch, you may want to make use of MobileMonday. Besides that, networking are done via means of virtual environment such as blogs and etc.

To me.. this is an innovative idea. Definitely, if IT-Sideways were to follow similar trail, it would be value-added. All it is trying to do is to gather more and more audiences for the benefit of its content.

Secondly, I also laude the idea of using blog as base for web sites. For many years, web developers have been facing the problem of web maintenability for its customers. Most of the time, free lancers would have to bear the risk of securing web hosting and others before convincing customers to pay for it. Usage of blog service as CMS allows low-end web site developers to quickly get to the solution without any risk at all. Clients may want to upgrade to customized CMS when future needs arise.

Well, at least MondayMobile proves that it is not a problem to be doing that. We should be expecting more of such blog-oriented website surfacing in the near future.


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