MSC Malaysia Goal Goal Goal !

First of all, a big thumb up to MSC Malaysia. Ever since they undertook the rebranding exerise, they had definitely improved.

The biggest improvement which I can visibly notice is to its web site of URL =

If you would notice, the web site is pretty much alive.. where it is constantly being updated with latest news, happenings and even promotions which are related to IT in Malaysia. This is definitely the goal of IT-Sideways: Tech Blog Malaysia anyway.

Latest one is ..

Incubator Space at KL Sentral - cheap cheap one.

Got brain one!

You may also notice, the web architect is pretty brainy person... he/she took into consideration of the macro aspects of MSC Malaysia, whereby you may mind information about Malaysia..

1. Malaysia advantages
2. Doing business in Malaysia
3. Cost of doing business in Malaysia

These are important because of a few reasons:

1. It saves research time required for investors to figure out the answer.
2. Since MSC Malaysia is a government body, the information presented is deemed accurate.

Success Guaranteed

I think if MSC Malaysia could maintain a good job with its official web site, it will definitely be a success because it will guarantee critical mass of visitors daily. I am still waiting to see if they could provide information like the following:

1. How did the government spent the money for 8th Malaysian Plan?
2. How did the government going to spend money for 9th Malaysian Plan?
3. Who was awarded what projects ?
4. etc

MSC Malaysia Go Go Go!


Anonymous said…
Gah! get with the program would they. Sure they got a site up (I didn't see the how their old website was like), but where is the RSS feed? How do I keep track of latest news about MSC? you don't expect me to keep visiting the site again and again even if there is no updates? In this day and age, nobody uses the web browser to keep track of what's happening, Feed readers!

Anyway, I got and idea for MSC's whole re-branding exercise, create an official MSC blog. Hack hire one MSC evangelist to blog about MSC. This way I could keep track of what happening in MSC, and it also shows progress and opens the line of communication.

Microsoft, Google,.. everybody is doing it (blogging).

May be i should blog about this? or you should?

Anyway we still have site's like IT-Sideways to keep track on whats happening ;)
Brandon Teoh said…
Thanks for support!