MyICMS 886 on or not ?

So MCMC announced the MyICMS 886 strategy since January 2006... that was before the announcement of 9th Malaysian Plan.

We previously predicted that it has the intention of securing funds from the government.. have they succeeded ? I hope so because this strategy is a good guide for many ICT entrepreneurs.. In fact, it is available for download officially from the main web site already. Nevertheless, still the way MCMC presented it was a bit low profile. If you ever wanted to download printable version, please use this link. Download MyICMS 886 Strategy.

Anyway, it is given due priority for certain procedures initiated by MCMC such as this one. Where project proposals have to reflect common ground with the MyICMS 886 strategy.

As you know, the fundings allocated for 9th Malaysian Plan should have been allocated for by now. This is Malaysian standard... one of the main reason is that Malaysia industries are not really fantastic, especially for ICT sector which is not quite exportable. Thus, many local entrepreneurs would be counting on this fund to survive for the next five years. Otherwise, I hope I am wrong but maybe you have to wait for another five years.