Wimax Bubbles : by the sideways

ok.. this topic is interesting.. I could be wrong from the sideways.

First of all, the headline goes that "Government cancels tender for WiMAX"....

the knee-jerk reactions are according to Jeff Ooi..

1. It is related to DiGi again.

According to news, the applicants for the licence of 2.3 GHz spectrum are:

1. DiGi
2. REDtone international
3. Nasioncom

and that is it ...

so, it is kind of strange why Maxis, Celcom and others didn't go for it.. Don't u think so ? Maybe there are too busy with 3G preparations.

Anyway... this is what the minister said for the reason of cancellation until further notice.

Its minister Datuk Seri Dr. Lim Keng Yaik said the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission's (MCMC) specifications for the provision of the WiMAX licence did not include a nationwide rollout.

He said the MCMC did not comply with the MyICMS 886 standards. The MyICMS 886 is a five-year ICT blueprint which outlines an industry-driven initiative that will leverage on existing policies and programmes to increase the usage of broadband Internet, cellular telephone service and 3G service. Original Link

So, here is what I think ...

1. The minister could not be that wrong... because first of all, the infrastructure for WiMAX is not ready yet. WiMAX is supposed to solve the last-mile problem where service providers are able to shoot the signal from afar directly into nodes (PCs).

Let's not forget that WiMAX enabled laptop and network-card is still rare.

2. Redtone acquired CNX solutions in order to go for such bidding. CNX Solutions web site.

Redtone announces new strategy as alternative telecommunication provider before the shocker from the Ministry of Energy, Water and Communications. In retrospect, they have been persistent because they have expressed the wish of becoming a MVNO during the 3G bidding period last year.

The Last Mile Problems:

The one company who is fighting with WiMAX trend is probably current MESDAQ champion Green Packet with their introduction of new product called SONmetro.

If we study it carefully...

"SONmetro enables the provision of wireless broadband connectivity at GSM type coverage with DSL/Cable data speeds and high speed mobility at a cost substantially lower than any other wireless solution."

Statement above actually means "3G alternative" or in order words, it could be a 3G solution for DiGi.

It further adds ..

"SONmetro’s intelligent relaying system provides ultimate wireless broadband coverage in metropolitan areas. It is the perfect solution to overcome the Wi-Fi limitations and last-mile problems faced by carriers and service providers."

This means that if today you are WiFi providers, you can operate your network as WiMAX because using SONmetro, you can combine your isolated WiFi cloud as a single network.

How it work is ?

"Powered by the Self-Organising-Network (SON) and Opportunity Driven Multiple Access (ODMA) technologies, SONmetro provides faster and further distance communication with less power consumption than the conventional systems. With mobile node bursting and receiving data from tens of different neighbors from different locations per second while driving, it even adds mobility to low mobility mediums like Wi-Fi. With SONmetro, one can still communicate over 1.5Mbps while traveling at speed up to 300 km/hour."

This means --> Fully Mesh

Thus, WiMAX is a threat to Green Packet. But it is not available yet.

3G is an option:

We have discussed that 3G is not an option for telco, but now probably it is possible that telco can achieve higher ARPU via alternative service offerings such as Wireless broadband.

Well, at least DiGi, REDtone and Nasioncom think that without 3G, they can rely on wireless broadband to be part of the game.

Relationship between all the industry players:

So, it seems like Malaysia is a fair country after all...

3G Players = Maxis, Celcom, Time dotcom, MiTV
Wireless Broadband = DiGi, REDtone, Nasioncom

Green Packet is not competing with either one of them because it is their vendor.

hey, what about WiBro from Korea ?


Brandon Teoh said…
latest updates..

there ware 17 submissions for the tender..

The Edge Daily
Brandon Teoh said…
“WiMax can give us high-speed broadband but should I just give out the 2.3GHz spectrum without knowing whether it is best for the country to give it to someone who has a fixed wireless spectrum, a mobile operator with 3G spectrum or neither one of them?,” Link
Brandon Teoh said…
Big picture thinking ...

Brandon Teoh said…
MCMC and consultant to do spectrum system study.

Brandon Teoh said…
Maxis keen on Wimax too..

Brandon Teoh said…
Wimax tender reopened and maintains momentum.