Most employees in Malaysia are ignorant of their rights and obligations at the workplace. When they encounter problems at the workplace, e.g. uncertain of their legal rights, or being victimised by their employers, they will usually seek help from their friends (who may be equally ignorant of the laws), or from lawyers (who do not come cheap), or from
the Labour or Industrial Relations Departments (which involves logistic and emotional inconvenience).

The launch of www.employee.com.my on this day (
19 June 2006 ) will address all of the above problems associated with workplace legal issues. It is open to all employees in Malaysia ... and most of all, it is FREE. Just register as a member, tell us your workplace problem, and we'll provide you with an answer. Just log-on to www.employee.com.my and follow the 3 simple steps.



Anonymous said…
no good, employee.com.my doesn't give room for the members to participate actively, that is why most of the members just ask questions only, but nobody dare to answer. should the member answer which may not correct, the 'consultant' will sarcastically tease that member by asking that member to name the section of the EA or cases from IC to justify the answer. By doing that, the 'consultant' could earn extra by asking the members to go to the private consultation.
Brandon Teoh said…
Thanks for comment.

Is employee.com.my still alive ?