Internet repression in Malaysia

Malaysia is like they said "macam macam ada"; simply put, having endless possibilities.

Previously, we did blog about ..

1. Against Internet Repression
2. Malaysia may one day censor the Internet.
3. Blog regulations

Recently, former prime minister and founder of modern Malaysia Tun Dr. Mahathir preached about the possibility of Internet censorship in Malaysia in the near future... He was quoted as saying ..

"Soon, the Internet will get it too… because we are an open society. Must censor the Internet. Only those (opinions) which support the government can be published…" - [Heads-up] [Source]

The Internet cannot be censored:

Internet cannot be censored because there is no way for us to audit correctness. One reason is that literally we don't pay for reading Internet contents. No one is responsible for users's time losses.

Secondly, if government-centric web site is deemed as politically-correct, why must there be Internet censorship. People should exercise self discretion.

Automation always fail in Malaysia:

Blogger SKTHEW did raise a good point regarding the fact that the world is now about connect and collaborated and also the phenomenon of blogshere is not something which having us to achive vision 2020 may pass by that.

But a bigger question is must Malaysia keep up with International standard of civilization ?

Malaysia is always a place where eventually, the concept of fully automation will not work. Somehow or rather, someone has to be there to make things look correct, such as having a gatekeeper keeping eye on parking entrance in case the ticket machine got stuck.

Thus, the mindset here is not to feel disoriented for having defined our own culture of being mildly conservative.

New Technologies:

Perhaps we should start to think about when Internet censorship does happen, what are we going to do ?

There is a possibility of having underground-alternative Internet facilities bypassing government registered ISP's gateway.

or perhaps, the new concept of Semantic Web would cause the government to have to think not twice but many times over against Internet repression. In time to come, there is no need to surf the Internet anymore.

Unless, there is nothing for Malaysian to surf ? ? ?