The future of Internet until 2020 : by PEW Internet

Thanks Jeffooi for the heads-up.

There is this interesting survey done by PEW Internet & American Life Project about the future of Internet moving into year 2020.

This survey is not answered by lay person, it is responded by Internet experts, technologist and etc.

Please download it here.. It is a 115 pages document with survey results only spanning 5 pages long. The rest are commentaries and references to cater for transparency, auditing and integrity assurrances

It is divided into two portions:

1. Future Outlook

Based on majority votes:

1a. A global, low cost network thrives:

1b. English displaces other languages:

1c. Autonomous technology is a problem:

1d. Transparency builds a better world, even at the expense of privary:

1e. Virtual reality is a drain for some:

1f. Internet opens worldwide access to success

1g. Some luddites/refuseniks will commit terror acts:

2. Priorities on development based on four development initiatives.

2a. First priority
Building capacity of the network and passing the knowledge to those not currently online

2b. Second priority
Creating a legal and operating environment that allows people to use the Internet the way they want, using the software they want

2c. Third priority
Establishing an easy-to-use, secure international money microcredit system

2d. Fourth priority
Developing and "arming" and international security watchdog organization

“Billions of dollars are already being used to build an effective international security watchdog organization,” wrote Charlie Breindahl of the IT University of Copenhagen. “It goes under names such as NSA, CIA and the Department of Homeland Security. Some of it is legal, some illegal. If there is a need to fulfill in this area, it is to put in place an international cyberpolice controlled by the UN; that possibility is moot, of course.”


This is a great document for technology evangelist like me to know who is what out there for the Internet playing field.

It is also a useful material for those budding netpreneurs and "miracle"preneurs who are looking for the next big thing. See it for yourself, what you are getting is something which many experts have agreed upon.

Participants described their primary area of internet interest as ...
“research scientist” (19%);
“entrepreneur/business leader” (12%);

“technology developer or administrator” (11%);
“author/editor/journalist” (10%);

“futurist/consultant” (9%);
“advocate/voice of the people/activist user” (8%);
“legislator/politician” (2%); or “pioneer/originator” (1%);
the remainder of participants (29%) chose “other” for this survey question or did not respond.


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