Hard disk failure

Have you ever encountered ?

Start up your windows XP PC and was given the prompt..

"Start up Windows in Safe Mode"
"Start up Windows Normally"

Having chose either of it... Windows XP won't load and then the PC will be automatically restarted ?

This could be a high possibility that the hard disk is failing. To confirm this, you have to view the IDE drive detection process. Once do that... you may notice the following.

Trend ChipAwayVirus (R) on Guard
Detecting Primary Master ..... Maxtor 6L040J2
Detecting Primary Slave ..... None
Detecting Secondary Master ..... IOMEGA CDRW19200INT-A
Detecting Secondary Slave ..... None

SMART Failure Predicted on Primary master : Maxtor 6L040J2
Warning : Immediately back-up your data and replace your hard disk.
A failure may be imminent.

This proves that perhaps, certain portions of the hard disk are giving out or there are "bad sectors". But it is not totally crashed yet. Don't keep trying to load Windows hoping for miracle, heebie-jeebie is inevitable.

Take out the hard disk, hook it up to another PC as slave so that you can retrieve your precious data for backup and then replace a new one. You may want to try giving the current faulty hard disk a second chance by reformating it.

Don't worry. Problems like this happen and it helps to reduce karma.

Sometimes, it happens to a public listed company too.


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