Microsoft: Tech Ed 2006

Microsoft organizes Tech Ed once a year. The main intention is to teach those entrepreneurs who uses Microsoft technology so that they don't abuse the technology..

I went through most of booth.. I didn't register for the training track... here is the listing for most of the exhibitors:


- Managed/Outsource Services
- Client & Desktop management
- Backoffice & security infrastructure

Special featuring:


IPNOX takes the defence in-depth approach in countering against network Intrusion threats to achieve information assurance for corporate organizations. Their cost effective solution employs the use of Public Key Infrastructure to enforce strong authentication for Dual-Factor Single-Sign-On (SSO).

With their solution, WIRED, WIRELESS and REMOTE ACCESS to the corporate network will be made more secured as only Authenticated and Authorized users and devices can have access to the corporate network.

The use of smart-cards is one of the most convenient & cost effective ways to enahce an organization's information security. Information in transport can be protected through the use of Encrypted File System (EFS). Email Encryption and Digital Signing features which are made available with ease to the everyday users.

2. Faxcore

Fax server solutions. Key features:
- Open starndard database
- .NET Design
- Enterprise Directory Structure
- Browser interface for users and administrators
- Bundled archive and document management
- Beyond faxing
- N-Tier architecture
- Inherited user permissions
- Powerful document server
- Integration with Microsoft outlook

3. Microsoft - Featuring Windows Server 2003 R2

Featuring ...

- Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2
- Operations Manager 2005
- Internet Security & Acceleration Server 2004

4. Diskeeper Corporation

Featuring Diskeeper10..

Get optimum performance and reliability from every PC, laptop and server at your site.

Disk fragmentation is a problem that affects every Windows system from low-end desktops to enterprise servers. Now that disks and files are growing larger and larger, it's a bigger problem than ever. Fragmentation accumulates exponentially, causing slowdowns, freeze ups, and even complete crashes. in worst-case scenarios, fragmentation can bring the fatest systems to their knees within a matter of hours.

Many system administrators wind up attempting to combat fragmentation on a "break-fix" basis. They send out technicians to deal with systems suffering from random crashes or sluggish performance. Whether they realize it or not, fragmentation is often the root cause. Why chase after fragmentation when you can eliminate it completely ? The answer is automatic defragmentation with Diskeeper, the Number One Automatic Defragmentater.

Diskeeper 10 is the complete solution designed to automatically eliminate fragmentation undetectably, in the background. Your users will hardly know when Diskeeper is active, but you'll quickly see the benefits: Reduced help desk traffic, increased reliability, and systems that always run like new.

Undelete 5 - Instant file recovery and data protection:

This software solves the potentially disastrous problem by protecting all files, no matter how or when they were deleted, and providing the means for instant recovery. Undelete 5 can even restore older versions of Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) thanks to new version protection technology. In a network environment, Undelete 5 empowers users to recover their own files, reducing Help Desk traffic and IT costs.



- InstallShield
- InstallAnywhere
- FlexNet Adminstudio
- Web analytics done right
- Web performance load tester

6. U.C.T.I - APIIT

Featuring ...

M.Sc in Technology Management
M.Sc in IT management
M.Sc in Software Engineering
M.Sc in Multimedia Applications Management

7. K2.Net

Great businesses are always looking to improve the productivity of their most important asset - their employees. For enterprise applications to thrive, they must allow human participants to seamlessly integrate into business processes and collaborate with their colleagues. Since business processes usually involve several participants and systems, it is also important to provide business owners with a facility to identify system bottlenecks so improvements can be made. Workflow solutions such as can help with these endeavors. 2003 is a workflow solution for the .NET enterprise. in conjunction with the appropriate Microsoft Knowledge Worder technologies (SharePoint Portal Server, Office System, InfoPath, Content Management Server and BizTalk Server) can help companies focus on business solutions instead of technical challenges. Thanks to the seamless integration betwen and these Microsoft technologies, enterprise applications based on can help businesses operate more efficiently. With's no-coding-required GUI and rapid development environment, business owners can create and update business processes without requiring the involvement of an IT staff. Additionally, process reporting is available for real-time status and process analysis through the Workspace.

8. ITrain - Training provider

Featuring ...

Microsoft related training courses.

9. Nota Asia - Training provider


Microsoft related training courses; focusing on SharePoint Portal Server.

10. eNable DotCom

Featuring push-email solutions (direct push technology) via MS Exchange Server Open NL.

11. International Association of Software Architects

This is a unique, world-wide organization for recognized professional IT-architects or those wishing to become recognized professional IT-architects. IASA is a non-partisan, nor-for-profit organization financed through its sponsors as well as its members activities.

12. Far-East Business Technology Sdn. Bhd.

Featuring ...

Margin Minder Profit Management System

The Margin Minder analytics system is an interactive, immediate-response system for tracking sales, revenue and margin productivity in high volume wholesale distribution and integrated manufacturer's sales environments. It offers anyone the ability to score productivity from a single customer or product SKU, through many perspectives (dimensions) and aggregates, up through the entire enterprise.

It is a business intelligence solution.

13. Iverson - Training provider

Featuring ...

Microsoft related training courses.