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Long Time ago...

Long time ago, this blog was focusing merticulously on the development of mobile money which consists of the following:

Knowing the numbers
Lacking synergy
Customers Feedback
The death of credit card
Mobile Money demsytified
Redtone: Mobile Money

Latest Development:

It has been a while... so check out their latest development here..

They managed to sign up TNB eventually. Congrats.

New Kids on the Block:

POS Malaysia couldn't take the heat, they also wanted to have mobile money solutions.

Thus, they created POS Pay.

What these two things have in common is that you can now pay anything with your mobile phone account. If you are a prepaid user, the money will be deducted from your topped-up credits.

I received an email from, saying that POS Pay is malaysia first Ringgit-based virtual account. Wow, this is exciting, but is it accurate ?

UAT Failed:

but UAT (User Acceptance Test) not yet passed..

The software developer must be having a tough time now...

POS Malaysia will definitely not going to pay them money...

There is a message box which let users feedback error messages to the project manager. And that also it is not quite working.

You can pay for anything, but later please..

Nevermind, it is not a spam email. or is it ? Please check this out; anti-spam toolkit.


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