NKK Technologies provides geomatic based applications

NKK Technologies provides expertise in development of geomatic based applications...

NKK Technologies Sdn Bhd is a leading software development and consultancy company, established by a group of highly experienced software developers, consultants and project managers. We pride ourselves in providing professional services and solutions to our clients. Our wealth of expertise gives us the confidence to develop the best solutions for your business model and the best systems that meet your IT requirements.

Its Mopheus based applications caters for the following benefits..

- Gain spatial appreciation of an area of interest.
- Gain temporal appreciation of an area of interest.
- Gain PMESII appreciation of an area of interest.
- Gain functional appreciation of an area of interest.

Demand for Geomatic Based Application...

Earlier on, we explored issues facing Malaysian Internet users where local hero Streamyx was undergoing system upgrades from 9th to 19th September 2006 which rendered many unpleasant net surfing experiences for its subscription based users. However, the support center managed to hold up still.

Redesign Malaysia:

There is one emerging web site took up the challenge by offering contents to Malaysian Internet users with the website known as RedesignMalaysia: For better broadband, for the rakyat.

This web site is supposed to act as a central place (a portal) for broadband users in Malaysia to do a few things which include:

- Voice their complains
- Share experiences
- Choose their preferred broadband providers.
- etc

The interesting part is that it attempts to use Map (geomatic) as its core navigational interface. However, that is based on Macromedia Flash. Through this interface, users can design area of interest according to their preferences; such as Petaling Jaya, Bangsar, Seputeh and etc.


Another interesting web application which uses geomatic feature is from f-secure; anti-virus provider.

Through this link, one may notice that Map is used as preferred navigational interface. The web site is not quite comprehensive and is used to provide information about viruses detected by F-Secure team through their integrated network. Their technologies deploy the concept of HoneyPot; where computing resources are made available through the Internet to let attract viruses and bots to bring down these resources. Then this will create traces and evidence leading to those soon-to-be destructions. This is one way of pining down viruses.