Streamyx Support Number

Streamyx Support Number = 1300889515 is not a toll-free number!!!

The line is working...

Customer service is friendly enough...

They speak clear languages....

They managed to solve all my complains ...

Streamyx is undergoing upgrades from 9th to 19th September 2006, many end-users are expected to be affected by this exercise.

For my case, the DSL signal couldn't prove to be strong enough to support a PPPoE connection. The DSL LED keeps blinking for no reason. This hasn't been the first time for my experiences.

They promised to solve it in 2 days.

We all should be anticipating some excitement in the telecommunication market by next year; 2007.

Many wireless broadband providers are going to swarm the market pretty soon, this gives end-users choices and flexibility to settle with good and fair services.

Amongst the budding players coming out to fight with streamyx are being showcased at the ACM 2006 forum last week at KLCCCCC.

They are :

1. Nasioncom
2. Smart - Satelite broadband
3. Mobif - iBurst technology
4. OCE
5. CNX Redtone

I guess we should all be watching for these players to emerge into the market especially klang valley in order to create a trully non-monopoly telecommunication market as promised by MCMC.


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