iPOD Status October 2006

Apple CEO just recently gave a talk; a special talk with regards to the development of ipod. Let's check out the movie file here.

Facts to remember...

1. 75% market share in US.
2. 60+ million sales since the last quarter ending june 2006.
3. 3000+ ipod accessories.
4. 70% of cars to be sold will offer ipod connectivity.
5. 450 k of nike + ipod kits sold.

New Improvement to ipod:

1. 60% brighter screen.
2. Longer battery life from 2 hours to 3.5 hours.
3. Gapless playback for those songs that were meant to be gapless.
4. Newly designed headphones.
5. Games (designed for the wheel) available and is selling at $4.99 for each.
6. ipod (30GB) is selling at $249
ipod (80GB) is selling at $349

2nd generation ipod nano:

1. Thinner aluminium case with energized colors (5 colors).
2. 40% brighter display
3. 24 hours battery life.
4. Gapless playback.
5. Instant search.
6. Newly designed headphones.
7. 500 songs on 2GB at $149
8. New packaging to cater for 52% of volume reduction which gives logistic edge.
9. 40% smaller charger.

2nd Generation Ipod Shuffle:

1. 10 million of ipod shuffle were sold.
2. Wearability were improved.
3. 1GB storage which capable of storing up to 240 songs.
4. 12 hours battery.
5. It is priced at $79.


1. 88% of market share for legal US download.
2. Users have downloaded of over 1.5 billion songs.
3. iTunes is the 5th largest reseller of legal music in the US.
4. There are iTunes music stores in 21 countries.
5. Provides album view, cover view and list view of course.
6. Video encoding with H264 with resolution of 640 x 480.
7. Built-in installer for new softwares download.
8. Transfer contents between authorized computers. (from home to office)

and one last thing ....

iTV is a box which allows you to synchronize through wireless medium with your PC. This will tend allow you to synchronize contents from your PC into this box which would then let you the option of connecting the contents into your TV, set top box and etc.

and one last thing .... expect more innovations from Apple.


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