Jinx Again : The last mile problem

It is happening again... my broadband at home won't connect, that is the DSL light keeps blinking and will not become stable.

The last time this happened was during September 11, 2006.

I don't know why it keeps happening to my house, perhaps I don't have the practice of connecting it (broadband connection) all the time. So, it is because of congestion problems ?

But it could be an isolated case... I have logged a complain to the support center again. Once again, the funny number is not a toll-free number (1300-88-9515). And the voice response system won't bother to take short cut... wow, what a good way for T.M to make money.

Last Mile Problem:

But I do notice that this could be a last mile problem. At first, there was no blinking at the DSL LED, which means that there was no signal. I unplugged the line from Aztech router and put it to a normal phone; there was no dial-tone. Then I adjusted the cables and the tone came back. But still it wasn't blinking yet. So, this could be really a physical problem(hardware) which has nothing to do with TMNet. But what is there for me to control ? Even if rats residing on my roof-top were to cause damages to the cables ? what can I do for the fact that my normal phone service is still working.

TMNet CANNOT blame that it is a hardware problem at your side... or that it is could be something wrong with your router or etc until the real problem is hunted. They can't ignore the last mile problem. Even if the phone line is really the culprit, they have to take charge of it. They have to help me to get T.M phone line people to check everything and then come back to me, otherwise there is no point talking to them. If TMNet support center were to ask me to make separate phone calls to get the problem solved, I would be looking for another broadband provider.

But this is also a big problem for other emerging broadband providers who are going to penetrate the market soon. if they CANNOT care enough for the last mile issues, then they will fail. Wireless solutions seem to be able to half the problem, but still last mile problem is not sorely a matter of hardware failure. It is a matter of unforseen circumstances.

Let's home that my streamyx service will be restored in 2 days time.

By the way, does Micheal Lai(TM Net CEO) read blogs ? Some say that he is being sabotaged .... He got to read this.


Brandon Teoh said…
After I logged the complain to Streamyx support center, the connection at home was reenabled.

Thanks streamyx support team.

This once again proved that it is not a hardware problem, and the last mile problem may not necessary be a hardware problem.
Anonymous said…
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