Malaysia IT Spending Prospect 2006 - v13

Our last discussion on Malaysia IT Spending Prospect v12.

Foreign Factors:

Looks like the economy is rolling back.. The bull is showing strenght. Some say that as soon as the KLCI hit back to 1,000 point, spending prospect would be good. KLCI recently hit 990 point with yesterday 985.03. Still strong as many would perceive it, however it is still pretty much influenced by foreign factors.

Local Insulator:

Umno youth has been trying hard to install insulator to the economy, by encouraging bumiputra to take part in the ICT and Biotechnology industry. They figured that the way to get this going faster is to encourage people to be involved with the MSC cluster. They wanted to improve the stake of bumiputra ownership in the MSC cluster from 17% to 30%. This is good news for local training providers as well as international marketing agent because the surge in local technopreneurs would require more markets for jobs. Otherwise, just stay at your garage and start doing more search engine algorithm to hope for billions in USD.

Transportation software to take boosting:

The government has finally took into serious consideration towards public safety of many commuters who despite having endured the unwelcoming of Malaysia public transportation for all of the history. Malaysia will be celebrating independence of 50 years.

Now they finally have budget to put transparency into the handling of semi-governmental local transportation entities. This is good news for everybody.

By all standard, there should be a few bodies to feedback electronic information with regards to public transporation entities like the LRT to its consumers. Who is going to bear the cost ? Companies like should take the initiative to integrate its system with systems of public transport companies.

We are awaiting the possibilities of end-users having the empowerment of checking the status of public transportation with their mobile devices such as handphones, PDAs and laptops.

IT security sector will also boost:

On the other hand, Symantec is confident that Malaysia alone would contribute to RM 983 million in revenue for its financial ending March, 2007. There is no point chasing for this amount of money as it is believed that they have already secured the figure.

Now, they are giving you one hint, tap into the growing threats of online transaction. Malaysian need more stringent security applications to deal with its online threats.

F-Secure is already on the move, c'mon guys, we can do it too.

And Mimos can do it, they have got RM 162 million to keep the Internet clean for Malaysia.

Government has a lot of money:

In the mean time, the government of Malaysia has a lot of money to be liquidated. MTDC just carried out marketing to ask for initiatives where grants are available. However, it is focusing on biotechnology.

Looks like everything has a connection, from Umno youth to MTDC ? No lar, IT-Sideways is the connection lar.