Microsoft ISV Innovation Day 2006

Attended the Microsoft ISV (independent software vendor) innovation day held at Golden Cinema at One Utama, Bandar Utama today. This is the first time for me and also the organizer to have held a seminar inside a cinema! and guess what, it wasn't that bad because for the first part of the seminar, I was sort of "drunken". I realized that to rest way, Golden Cinema seats are probably the most well designed.

The last time we talked about Microsoft ISV was here...

Highlights of the event:

1. Microsoft invested RM 25 million annually to support its partner.

2. Phone Support to cost them RM 14 000 annually.

3. There are 250 partners currently registered under the ISV program.

4. Check out this web site to maximise your business potential.

5. This forum is focusing on Vista, Office, Dynamics and SQL Server 2005.

6. There is a blog for msdn malaysia.

7. Official ISV web site is this.

8. Created a marketing program called "People Ready"
- Build Connection
- Develop relationship
- Drive innovation
- Improve operations

9. Microsoft is going to produce an alternative for iPOD.

10. Microsoft partners' marketing opportunities.

- Global expansion
- Differentiation
- Innovation breakthrough
- Business value-driven sellers

Compare against Market Pressure

- Global competition
- Commoditization
- Disruptive technologies
- Demanding customers

11. Microsoft experiencing customer growthof 24% (average).

12. In 2 years, 1 out of 3 PC will be Windows Vista which has real-time 3D rendering.

13. Microsoft Dynamics, which has many extended capabilities, is very much more advance than the usage of Siebel for tracking sales.

14. Software as a service (SaaS) concept.

- IDC predicts worldwide spending on SaaS will reach $110.7 billion in 2009.
- Worldwide spending on SaaS to increase 39%.

15. There are currently 400 million Microsoft Office customers.

16. 75 million office sharepoint.

17. With Microsoft Office 2007, now you can customize Microsoft Office for your customer (such as providing charts..) . Which means you can now build application on top of Microsoft Office 2007 as well.

18. Enterprise Content Manager allows you to design workflow in sharepoint.
- Key technologies:
Out of the box, customizable sites.
Blogs, Wikis.

19. Microsoft also now allows ISV to build on top of the search technologies.

20. Excel 2007 services, overview.
- Share spreadsheet with multiple people.
- View Excel on browser.

21. Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
- WSS integration with WF.
- Frontpage is now known as sharepoint designer.

22. Business Intelligence for the masses.

- Anytime, anywhere access
- Mission critical server platform
- Real-time, heterogeneous integration
- Professional-grade, integrated development environment

Why ? Because SQL Server 2005 has all the capabilities built-in already.
~ Integrated services (DTS)
~ Analysis services
~ Reporting services
~ Notification services
~ Replication services
Https replication (No need to create VPN funnel anymore)
Peer replication
~ Relational Database

- Using Excel 2007 as interface. Excel 2007 can now support more than 60K of rows. Now, it can support up to 1.4 million rows.
- Data mining wizard is able to access different algorithm available.
- Three core processes of business intelligence.
~ Integrate
~ Analyze
~ Report
- Microsoft offers an unparalleled degree of simplicity and time-to-value solutions.
- Using Fuzzy logic for the integration processes.
- UDM (universal data model) sits on top of all data sources.

23. Opportunity for ISVs

- Exploit the full features of this platform.
- Build the data platform capabilities of SQL into your solution.

24. AJAX

- Atlas allows one to write javascript in an OOP way.
- ASP.Net 2.0 Ajax extension, which allows one to create AJAX via ASP.NET's script. Development studio will then render it into AJAX (HTML-Javascript).


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