Mimos is backed online

It has been almost one year when MIMOS long serving CEO and President Dr. Tengku Mohd Azzman Shariffadeen left the top job.

On May 2006, a new CEO was appointed to bring glory back to the government funded and supposedly pioneer in research and development institution for Malaysia.

Now they are backed online...

They have a new strategy now, which besides focusing on the following 9 key research and development areas, they are also wooing talents.

The key areas are:

1. Cyberspace security
2. Encryption systems
3. Grid computing
4. Multi-service networks
5. Wireless broadband
6. MEM/NEMS systems
7. Advanced informatics
8. Knowledge Technology
9. Micro Energy Systems

Their KPI is for each employee (knowledge worker) to have one patent disclosure accepted by pattern department every year. Wow!!

Now, let's compare this with MyICMS 886 strategy from MCMC. So, it is still all about security, network and systems.

What you guys think ? Should they cut loose "Generic" Manager positions ?

Or is this IT ? That is why IBM is all talking about SOA. This is because SOA is like selling the same thing all over again but yet with a new story.