Intel Malaysia is robbed and solutions

Intel Malaysia is robbed again.... This time, it occured on Monday and involved RM 50 million of Microchip. Who is going to pay for it ?

Local police have identified the suspect who are believed to be having uncanny linking to the RM 10 million robbery at Subang airport 16 years ago.


This explains why Intel had earlier been pushing hard for the practice of professional supply chain management. They plan to setup the first supply chain consortium in Malaysia by mid-2007, collaborating with local institutes of higher learning.

According to The Edge, the collaboration is to mitigate current shortage in key competency areas in supply chain management (SCM).

Supply chain is a big concept and it involves many components, particularly human element in various parties which may have relationships between each other. NKK Technologies has a framework which can be put to task to deal with such relationship management.

Bear in mind that supply chain management is not IT systems per se. It very much a management concept which may or may not requires IT support.

Dell is already practising supply chain management and they have outsourced everything to a local company.


This probably explains why Intel Malaysia had earlier on axed up to 2,000 production jobs from the Penang side.

The robbery has helped to put into pieces the puzzle which calls for doubt that the biggest task Intel were taken to tackle is the task of managing security; theft, robbery and cheats.


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