Mopheus SalesManager vs Microsoft SharePoint Server

Inspired by ...

I was inspired by a company known as V-Work Sdn. Bhd.... It was during the Microsoft LOVE (Launch of Office, Vista and Exchange 2007) which I got to know many Microsoft partners who have been very successful in their businesses.

They are ...

Simplify How People Work Together

VADs Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

- Mobility applications.

Alcatel Network Systems

- Unified communications & collaboration
- Customer satisfaction
- Enterprise Mobility

Elcon Networks (

- Dialogic PBX-IP Media Gateway can connect legacy PBXes to Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging.

DBV Technologies

Mesiniaga Berhad

- Business Intelligence

Help Protect & Manage Content

Alfacom Technologies

- Is document protection equally as important to your organization as collaboration and document management
- Microsoft Office SharePoint (MOSS) 2007 is being hailed as the platform to host line of business applications.

SourceCode Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (K2 Net)

- Evaluation program.

atQuest Solution

- Protect and manage documents & contents
- Find information & improve business insight
- Simplifying the workflow and approval process
- Improve customer relationship management

V-Work Sdn Bhd.

- Sales quotation & pipeline management
- Contract & general document management
- Service activities and knowledgebase
- Key accounts and contacts management
- Marketing campaign executiion
- Meeting management

I.S.A Technologies

Meridio Solution for records management with Office 2007

Find information & improve business insight

Accelteam Sdn. Bhd.

- Corporate Performance Management

Avanade Malaysia

Improve Productivity

Digital DNA

- Security products securing your emails.
- Deploy Office 2007 in a large environment.

Trust me, they are very good at what they are doing !!

Particulary, I am interested with the solution offered by V-Work which is Collaboration Sales Portal which can be summarized into a single diagram.

And according to them...

Collaborative Sales Portal Provides sales and business development professionals with an ecosystem of sales-empowering elements and cultivates self-improvement culture. The key benefits of collaborative sales portal are to :
  • Increase profit margin by strategic management of resources to result areas
  • Streamline marketing, sales and servicing processes
  • Shorten proposal turnaround time and increase quality of contents
  • Improve insights of opportunity to avoid conflicts and better margin management
  • Reduce time in operational meetings and spend more time with customers
Now, let me make a wild guess that it is based on Microsoft SharePoint Systems.

Microsoft SharePoint Systems:

The product was last-time known as Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server; 2003. Now for the 2007 launching, it will be called the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Check out this web site for more historic information.

So, and according to this document.. it encompasses...

  • Portal Features and Search Services
  • Web content management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Process Management
  • Enterprise Content Management
The Competition...

Now, we want to find out how Mopheus SalesManager fare with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

How to get the idea of Mopheus SalesManager to be implemented into Microsoft SharePoint Systems.

Of course to argue fairly, NKK Technologies is like The Media Shoppe (TMS), we are innovators. That is why we qualified for the MSC Status. TMS also has a solution similar to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, it is known as tmsEKP, which consists of 4 components as such tmsINTRANET, tmsPUBLISHER, tmsSEED, tmsSYNDICATOR.

We sell the concept of speed, more focused and cheaper per se (with reference to Microsoft.) This is because usually when we get projects, we would usually do more than what the framework can do. Well, I am not sure yet how flexible Microsoft SharePoint System is, which I will find out soon.

Can it achieve the goal of Mopheus SalesManager ?


Based on the spatial fact whereby Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server has the cost structure of :

RM 109 K for 200 users
RM 200 K for 500 users
RM 300 K for 1000 users

not inclusive of cost for man-day customization.

Where as Mopheus SalesManager sell to customers RM 150k per processor not inclusive of cost for man-day customization.

And therefore, it is obvious that solutions on based Microsoft SharePoint System is suitable for smaller scale projects while Mopheus SalesManager is suitable for big, long-haul, heavy-customizable projects.

to be continued...