MSC Status and Bumiputera Status

Petronas only awards to bumiputera...

It is a common nortion to hear that Petronas would only award project directly to bumiputera companies. More challenging than that, it has to be 100% bumiputera equity! It is not easy to justify this information, they tried to do that recently however not too applicable for this scenario.

MSC Focus ...

MSC status focuses on innovation; trading and consulting are non-qualifying criterias for the award of MSC status. This is a good move because MSC status companies are supposed to target a bigger picture for its endeavour, in short they should be looking at global market rather than Malaysia alone which is so 'bumi' intensive and sensitive. There is no connection between MSC status and bumiputera status, as both concepts are different. Period.

MDeC assures this common understanding as such that it is expanding MSC branches to many parts of the world, latest edition to the list is Banglore. Therefore, it is creating opportunities for MSC companies to seek a bigger market outside Malaysia.

NKK Technologies ...

NKK Technologies has been awarded with MSC Status recently. Its core business is development of Mopheus product lines based upon the CORE (Complex Objects Realization and Exchange) Systems framework. CORE Systems is based on Microsoft technology and consists of 3 main modules which are:

1. Complex Mapping Interface
2. Data management engine
3. Complex reporting

Based on this framework, many vertical applications can be evolved and customized into. These vertical applications are branded with Mopheus and the example is Mopheus SalesManager. This vertical application aims to provider its users the ability to maintain the complexity of information that is related to sales, marketing and trading. It is particularly suitable for trading houses who have many entities such as suppliers, middlemen, competitors, sales agent, distributors, sales representative, product managers and etc. On top of that, these entities have complex relationships amongst themselves and the complexity changes according to time.

Mopheus SalesManager allows users to manage complexity at data-entry level and therefore it caters for an integrated environment for managing data complexity of a given vertical industry. Thus, when the data is integrated, reporting would be made easier. This creates a challenge for business intelligence providers who rely on messyness of data as a case for business. Nevertheless, the emerging of such solution (Mopheus SalesManager) would not totally phase out the activities of business intelligence, it merely challenges industry players to find a balance between going for the last-mile or planning for the last-mile.