PageFlakes til you get the hang of it

The first impression about pageFlakes is it reminds me about Java Swing. The interface looks just too similar, coupled with the famous blue-purple theme.

But to be honest with you, pageFlakes looks way much better than netvibes. PageFlakes and netvibes belong to the concept of startpage.

In fact, Pageflakes' focus is on users and particularly on 'social aspects' of network. It is the only startpage that allows sharing of pages between members. They also have a great team, and it beats Google and Microsoft for Web 2.0 'startpages' category.

It provides built-in features for address-book, to-do-list, notes and etc so it will really get sticky with users. I am still thinking should I migrate everything from Yahoo account. But perhaps, I will insert those users who I would be interacting with through pageFlakes.

The technology behind PageFlakes is of course, Ajax. As from previous blog, IT business is really about trend. And the good thing of it is that as IT entrepreneur per se, your advantage is really the option of following trend. You can choose to be counter-trend which is a risk.

Desktop Experience:

The power of Ajax is really about giving one the desktop experience which Java Swing once did for many. It is just fantastic experience... gone has those day when one has to be navigated through a few pages in order to change the caption of a box. Now, it is merely double-click.

Manages your greed:

If you got no time to read but yet has a lot to read.. use pageFlakes. Imagine that today you are a VP of Marketing and you need to keep track of the happenings for certain industries around you. Obviously you got to know where to look for the information.

And ever since blog has been proliferated, information becomes even more 'free'. Which makes search engines a necessity and but at the same time doubtful. The best way to justify the accuracy of information is still to identify reliable sources based on own discretion and trial & error. Thus, it is better to refer to a trustworthy source, such as rather than searching from Google for the latest political news for Malaysia.

And even if you are a stock analyst, you would need to keep track of as many 'gossip' as possible in order to produce a more trustworthy 'gossip' as explanation of why the stock goes up or down. The good thing is, no one blames you for being morbid inquisitive because the comments are made after and not before the index changes. Thus, PageFlakes is a great tools for online analyst who are bestowed with challenges of information aggregation, consumption and application.

I am eargerly waiting for startPage providers to move into the next chapter, which is to provide A.I features such as helping online users to read through the flakes and make customized decisions.

API Platform:

The purpose of API platform is many. One of it is to encourage more people to use it, for instance one can actually integrate PageFlakes into its own blog. This is of course only applicable for those who manages its own blog and not those who rely on free blog service.

A Web 2.0 service without API interfaces is like an invisible man. And thus, it is hard for users to get excited because only those with super vision get to notice you. And like I mentioned, this is really a trend and it matters.

Without the API, you are so out of this world....

Coming up Next:

More PageFlakes experiences to come by... You can synchronize email accounts into it. Try it out with your pop3 settings.

PageFlakes preaches that "the whole web at your fingertips". Don't forget to make it your home page too!


Anonymous said…
Cool! I heard the development team is relocating to Kuala Lumpur.
Brandon Teoh said…
Dev. team relocating to K.L ?

Wow, fantastic...

Truly living up to the MSC vision.