What is IT business ?

IT business is about trend. In fact, it should be that way. Why should entrepreneur make things complicated ?

1997, the trend was into web. Everything about web such as nasilemak.com, cocacola.com, aeiou.com and etc.

2000, the trend was treating the Y2K.

After that, we heard about BPR (business process reengineering.)

Then, the concept of ERP was way too big. came along CRM, B2B, B.I and etc.

Finally, at 2006 we have SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), BPM (Business Process Management) and etc.

Thus, why are we finding it so hard to accept the fact that the bottom line of IT is to move with the trend which wouldn't give you much of a problem. In other words, there is nothing wrong with following trend should you are in an IT business which is a good cash cow engine.

I particularly like the idea of looking at IT business as a cash cow engine. Don't waste time thinking about whether SOA or BPM is going to work. Because those big guys want it to work, thus, no worries required.

If possible, just go get a quick certification, and get moving before the next wave trend hovering over you. However, certification providers should also provide information of how big the market is and how far it can go, the only thing left for your challenge is about speed. How fast you can learn it up and start making money for yourself.

This is the right way of living up to an IT era as entrepreneur.

Let's analyze the picture below....

When there is a trend, you know that there will be shadow and two wings and flaps. You get to fill in your favourite color.

So, is there such thing as the act of spoiling the market ?

Is Google following trend ? Not at all. Let's see what's happened to them lately.

1. Wins antitrust approval.
2. Acquisition of YouTube.
3. Into media business.
4. The world at your keyboard with Google Earth.
5. Google trumps Yahoo.

They try to be everywhere.

Who is who ?

So who is in the IT business ?

1. Accenture
2. Atos Origin
3. CSA Malaysia
4. EDS
5. Partimas
6. Formis
7. Heitech Padu
8. Kompakar
9. Sapura

Atos Origin ..

Let's take a look at Atos Origin in particular. How they manage to become such a global force is actually via acquisition. The CEO is a master of acquisition, and he had combined (over years), a few entities to make Atos Origin a global force to be reckoned with.

In other words, is there anything to sell for IT business ? There is really nothing except for the brand and also the clients penetration (paperwork.) This is thus so because there is no technology innovation and the challenge is to follow trend swiftly. You got to read the news, go for seminar, attend courses, read blogs and use the search engines.

The exit plan is to merge with others or to acquire others. At times of conflicts, divorce may be inevitable. However, one shouldn't hesitate too much to think about exit plans (with profits of course.)

IT business is closely related to financial business, because be it all sorts of thoughts, planning, arrangements and compromises... at the end of the day, what matter is that when am I getting the money ?????

Something to think about..