Why are there so many IT AWOLs

The problem is that those with IT degrees are most commonly perceived as having technical skills rather than having other skills. Well, of course there are always exceptional case.

These days, many consider IT graduates as technocrats or simply put technician with executive level.

Partly it is due to the fact that in the Malaysia scenario, proliferation of colleges offering IT courses were up to fanatic level back then during the dot-com boom. But who should hold responsibilities of producing too much IT graduates ? Students were just looking at opportunities to improve their life, to start a new chapter which may bring promises to a blessing life.

And yet, I have seen with my own eyes where there were colleges giving providing lousy private educations while at the same time pushing for the expectation of world-class achievements. Of course, they have to protect themselves. The business of business, is to stay in business.

But actually, the biggest problem why so many IT graduates quit the industry which there paid money to got into is because of the problem with unmatching expectations. Many studied in hope to become the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. But yet, they found themselves trapped under the weight of living up to distant-dreams supported by activities of following manuals to troubleshoot computer problems.

To understand this isn't hard... check out for big companies who have always been on recruitment drive for certain positions, and they will keep doing, because people keep quiting. It is not really a matter with egoism, rather expectations mismatch exception error.

IT business is a trend business...

And it is a tough world out there... there are more than 6 billions people living in this planet. While there are many IT companies and etc, there is only one Google, Microsoft, Apple and etc. These people, because of monopoly power to their niche or otherwise known as kingdom, made them rich. There was a speculation that it has been a long time since Microsoft ever made money from selling operating systems... There are hoping that the LOVE(launching of Office, Vista and Exchange 2007) event would create some sort of miracles. And because of this, it makes the world even tougher.

IT technocrats have short-lived career life... we all need an exit plan. That should be the plan.

Think about your exit plan.


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Brandon Teoh said…

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Anonymous said…
Hi, thougt I would like to add something on this topic.

Remember that Google was once an underdog, while Altavista, Yahoo was king. Microsoft and Apple was also an underdog while companies like IBM was king. Nobody stay on top forever.

One day someone will replace one of them, it could even be you? ;)