27-12-2006 Malaysia Internet Problem : Now 29-12-2006

Yahoo is still quite deviant.... It is like having problems delivering babies.

Using proxy servers indeed proves to work a bit of wonder. For more information, refer to this expert.

Untimely for Malaysia yet peaceful:

I feel that such event is a bit untimely for Malaysia's telco, in lieu to recent important developments such as the setup of MyIx and also the rumoured merging of TMNet into its mother; TM (Telekom Malaysia). Well, according to Screenshots, TMNET will become history in 2 days time!

Oh perhaps, it is really an exit plan for everybody. I am not suggesting that there were foreplays behind the scenes, just that the natural disaster is somewhat a balancing act to remind everybody that the biggest culprit has always been uncontrolled external forces and there is simply not enough resources to cater for such contingency plan.

In fact, thumbs-up for local telco(s) whereby I am still able to do blogging at this point of time.

Downloading Speed:

It is slower of course, but how slow ?

Downloading a 1568 KBytes file was allocated with a speed of 29.8 KBytes /sec connection as initial bandwidth allocation (from Yahoo), however it stablized to an eventual 0.6KBytes/sec.

My office Internet connection is 1024 Kbits/sec, that would be 128KBytes/sec.

Thus, a good indication of bottleneck speed is actually comparing 29.8KBytes with 0.6KBytes, and that is like over 49.9999 times!

To get a percentage of the throughput, we will use 0.6/29.8 = 0.02 (just 2 %).

Thus, connection to Yahoo is actually just 2% of optimum speed at 20.61 Kbits/sec.

To Justify this, and since Google is working just fine, which includes the service of blogger, one can try to download a 1568KBytes file from GMail.


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