Ajax will rule 2007

Ajax (Asynchronous Javascript & XML) is definitely going to take off soon. It was all started off by Google (Google Mail) and now everyone is adopting it, including Yahoo mail, Friendster and etc.

This is confirmed by 2007 Web Predictions. Many tools for AJAX development will be getting popular, which Google has also introduced Google Web Toolkit Beta; an AJAX development tool. On the other hand, make use of ASP.net AJAX Control Toolkit for AJAX development with ASP.net.

What is going to happen ? I am sure demand will soar. And we will be expecting an AJAX web based accounting system. Someone is definitely going to do it, and this time it will definitely work because the concept has already been proven, what's more that the big guys are already providing tools for it. Sooner or later, AJAX programming will be as common as Visual Basic programming.

Total Web Based Accounting System:

So, totally web based accounting system. And what is the business model ? I guess it will be something in the line of customizations, support fees and etc. Web hosting companies would go crazy over it... for the reason that should there be any web based accounting software, it will be a must-have for their product packages other than webmail, E-Commerce, wyswyg editors and etc.

Web Apps:

And with Google leading the way to push for web apps which include Google Docs & Spreadsheets, more and more information will be eventually stored in remote side. Even Google is preaching the idea that ... Google Apps for Your Domain allows you to spend less time, energy, and money on one of the biggest distractions for publishers: maintaining IT systems. Now you can offer powerful communication and collaboration tools including Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Talk to everyone with an account on your own domain, people within your organization or members of your community. Best of all, everything is managed on Google's scalable, secure systems, just like AdSense.


We need to cater for confidential and sensitive information... and I do believe that encryption will be big. Encryption services to end-users will be something big. This may also includes other security software components such as PKI and etc. Trend Micro recorded surge of cyber attacks on niche targets motivated by money.


Next big thing...

1. AJAX. (check out this cool company,dundas)
2. Information security on remote site.


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