Bizaku vs mpages

Bizaku - is a web app and service, something like content management system (CMS) or preferably known as mini content management system for people such as business entities looking to publish simple, one-page web site onto the cyber space.

Long time ago, mpages took to the center stage of such initiative. However, mpages was started off from another angle; mobile (WAP) channel instead of the web (HTML) channel. At later stage, it did provide extension to web channel as well.

These type of services have a few advantages compared to other free web publishing services such as weblog in particular. They are:

1. Simple, nice and easy.
2. Listing to realistic business directories.
3. Adopting the mobile wave.

Mobile Wave:

The mobile wave is coming... with smart phones and PDAs getting more sophisticated and cheaper... such as the latest offering from Dell; Dell Axim PDAs which runs on Windows Mobile 5.0

Windows Mobile 5.0 offers the following key features:

1. Put an office in your pocket, which is Microsoft Micro-edition of Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
2. Pocket MSN keeps one connected.
3. Get your email on the go.
4. Browse the web with Internet Explorer Mobile.

Internet Explorer Mobile:

The good thing about publishers (customers) of Bizaku and MPAGEs is that the published contents are simpler, nicer and easier. And therefore, it suits the mobile platform really well. Unlike other web contents exposed from weblogs such as IT-Sideways which uses much complex and heavier web components and may not present well in this platform.