Internet Connection Slow in P.J, Selangor, Malaysia

Today = 27th December 2006

My office phone line has been disabled. And still, we are waiting to send corporate emails.

Back at home, the streamyx connection kind of slow, not unbearable but noticeably.

Screenshots attributed it to earthquake at Taiwan.

Connection to Yahoo is particularly slow while connection to Google is still normal.

Certain web sites are unreachable. Connection to blogger is fantastic though.

Who is responsible for this type of problem to the end-users ? Perhaps Malaysia needs to setup a end-users broadband counselling team. I don't mind paying annual fees if there is someone to talk to and having the ability to response with good technical answers (if required.)

RedesignMalaysia should be a good reference site for tackling last-mile problems.


Brandon Teoh said…
For those of you still facing slow Internet connection, try to make use of some proxy servers to divert traffic to unusual interim-path.. such as Australia.

It worked for me!

Check out this article for more details.
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