Lee Young Ae vs Envio

LG vs Panasonic, guess who wins ?

Panasonic - Envio (Scan, Clean, Save)

LG - Lee Young Ae. Period.

Initiatially, LG wins. Because a shopper would think about Lee Young Ae and the nice design of the air-cond shape. Similar to the reason why people choose iPod over Creative's Zen.

However, after a seller's recommendation, LG lost and Panasonic won.

The shopper decided to buy Panasonic. However, no business transaction is carried out because Panasonic Deluxe Model CS-C12GKH has no stock for 1 month already!

This is a good case study for marketing champaign.

Shopper didn't install any air-cond, still waiting.
Seller didn't sell any air-cond, still waiting.
LG is still waiting to sell.
Panasonic also waiting to sell.