Legal spam - do away with MyLink

MyLink is a newly established blog aggregators such as the likes of Petaling Street Project, Malaysia Blog Rank and etc.

It is different from PageFlakes, Netvibes and etc which is considered as "startpages".

They are all web 2.0 applications, means all leverages on the power of web 2.0 technologies such as AJAX. Now you can build AJAX applications with Google Web Toolkit Beta; an open source web development toolkit under Java language.

The good thing with blog aggregators is that it helps with SEO (search engine optimization). A commonly known term refers to the process of trying to get one's web URL to be listed on top of search engine results.

The case for spam...

I have always argued that to do that.... if you need to rush, you got to do some spamming. Why, because it is marketing. Search engine, particularly Google, measures each URL according to certain metrics which include pageRank.

One can't really expect to create a URL and hope that it will be listed to the top of search engine results. This is particularly true when you are the last to enter the industry... for instance, have you just created a web site for online flower ordering... and hope to be listed on top of Google's results... it wouldn't work because your competitor has been around for many years. In fact, you shouldn't be there!

However, the only fair way out is that your web site has got to make a lot of existence in the web space. For example, if you have a great product which not only your competitors recognize your ability but also mention you into their website... then as the spiders of Google are doing its crawling... your URL will be indexed eventually.

Thus, if you can't do that... you got to go all around and make a lot of noises... and this is what I mean by spam.

Google's Tools:

Of course, Google has invented many ways for you to get listed better.

1. Google COOP
2. Google Custom Search Engine

The official way of submitting your URL to google is through this link, which some says will take roughly two weeks. During my time, it will take months... so Google has indeed improved.

Other than that, another way is to get yourself listed into IT-Sideways: Tech Blog Malaysia. For the reason that this blog is frequented by spiders from Google, Yahoo, nutch, and etc.

Long Tail Effects...

Previously, this blog also argued that the Long Tail policy of Google actually make certain URLs in the dark and promoting new URLs.

Long Tail is a concept created by Chris Anderson, it explains "How Endless Choice is Creating Unlimited Demand" where the webspace would not leave out everyone... everyone will be given equal chance.

Check out how Long Tail affects this blog.. and check out the paycheck for this blog.

The pageRank for IT-Sideways: Tech Blog Malaysia has been permanently become 1/10 from 4/10. What a blow for its contributors.

Anyway, it doesn't quite affect the average traffic. This I can confirm and also it doesn't affect the listing from search results.

So, it pageRank so important now ?

Legal Spam:

With aggregators, besides using all existing Google's tools for SEO, one may also have a greater opportunity to be exposed to the webspace and having the higher chances of being indexed to major search engines. This is because blog aggregators are platform for marketing. And it is legal.

One thing good about Mylink compared to Project Petaling Street is that it will automatically recognizes new updates and have them published onto the main page.

So, get yourself indexed to more aggregators!