Malaysia IT Spending Summary 2006 - V14 : 9MP projects

The 9th Malaysian Plan projects!!!!

Continuing from our previous discussion v13 which was started off since v1.

At this point of time, with new year just really around the very corner.... we finally able to see how well we have discussed and how are money being allocated based on the 9th Malaysian Plan.

Screenshots gave a preview of such from this entry where... RM 29 billion has been already accounted for.

In terms of ICT development... we have ..

1. MCMC RM 20 million funds for 3G development
2. MDeC RM 80 million funds for pre-seed development.
3. Edaran RM 12 million contract for supply of ICT products for Education ministry.
4. Heitech Padu RM 258 million contract for Mindef software development.
5. Huawei-3COM RM 4.5 million for network deployment of University Malaya.
6. Mimos RM 162 million (out of RM 474 million) for various research programmes.
7. MSC MGS grant RM 120 million.

So, it is RM 968.5 million already.

So, did you miss the boat ? As far as I am concerned, many missed the big boat, well at least even recognizing that the government had been planning the 9th Malaysian Plan since last year.


Brandon Teoh said…
I-Power RM 40 million project...

And going for RM 60 million projects

Brandon Teoh said…
9MP projects to boost domestic growth, along with private incentives
Anonymous said…
Some big project are not from 9th plan and some fall into PFI (Private Finance Initiative) category which involve total project cost for 15 years.
Brandon Teoh said…
Some are from PFI...

Ok ok.